Monday, November 10, 2014

CC cycle 3 songs

As I started out the school year in CC, I found that I was spending too much time trying to find songs and activities on CC Connected (, a parent/tutor portal, paid subscription). When I decided to take on the Essentials class, I found my time was even more limited, and perusing the site, searching for the perfect song/activity, just wasn't feasable.  Since I enjoy being creative, playing my instruments and singing, I decided to take it upon myself to arrange my own songs for foundations.  I like review songs that have a catchy/familiar tune, and are short and simple.  As an added bonus, my kids learn the tunes to great folk songs.

I use Flashcards app on my iPad, and when I enter each week's review, the app allows me to record sound for 30 seconds, so all my songs are under 30 seconds long.  I love this app because I have all my review songs and info in one place that my daughter reviews daily by not only reviewing the different flash cards, but by playing the various games that are included with this app.

I started making songs on week 6, and uploaded them to CC Connected under my username drspear98. The ones I have recorded and not uploaded onto CCC are as follows:

Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Songs  (please click on this link to take you to the dropbox folder containing the songs that I have recorded thus far).