Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Essential Newsletters for Weeks 19-24, Cycle 3

***Please do not upload these files to CC Connected.  I wish to make these available to my homeschool moms.***  These are not official schedules from Classical conversations.  I created these newsletters to help myself and the other mothers in the class understand the weekly material, and where it can be found.  Hope it helps!

Essentials Newsletters for Weeks 19-24

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  1. Hi Dana,
    I wanted to tell you how much my E-moms LOVED your newsletters last year! I was wondering if you made any more for this year. I know most of the info is the same except IEW. I could make them on my own, (though they wouldn't be nearly as pretty!!), and I will probably end up doing so if you haven't already. I just thought I would check with you first, since you seem to be gifted in this area. :)